Who should read; Why; Who should not.

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WHO SHOULD READ: You should read if you like a good read and like anyone of these movies which are of diffferent genre but similar at heart (very deep down):
Forest Gump
Sixth Sense
Silver lining playbook
Fifty Shades of Gray
The Da Vinci Code,
Bourne Indentity series
Batman, Black Knight (not other batman movies)
Paranormal activity series
48 hours real life mysteries
Two and Half men
The Beautiful Mind
Spider Man 2002
Pulp Fiction
Diehard with a vengance (not other diehard movies)
Seinfiled TV series
X- Files TV Series
American Beauty
Silence of the Lambs
In the Line of Fire
The Fugitive
Steel Magnolias
Pretty Woman
When Harry met Sally
The God Father

WHY: You should read because it will make you simply happy and/or make you see life with a different perspective and/or intellectual entertain you through a intriguing story line that changes seamlessly from romance to action to intellectualism.

WHO should NOT:You should not read it you are closed minded.

WHY NOT: The book touches some sensitive social issues and can get controversial at times. Howevert, you could ignore that side of it and just enjoy the story and its suspense.

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